Nice to meet you! I'm Jamie Nicole Jones, or Jamie for short. :) I'm a freelance illustrator from San Diego, CA. 

I aim to create art that connects to a wide audience and helps bring other people's stories and ideas to life. Through the use of lots of color inspired by imagination and subjects inspired by nature, I hope to ignite joy with my illustrations and remind people of their favorite places and memories.

I attended art school at Academy of Art in San Francisco, and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. There, I practiced my art in various mediums and ended up discovering a love for combining digital and traditional mediums to achieve the best of both worlds.

Some other random facts about me... I love the ocean and learned to surf when I was little, then fell out of it in high school, but in the past few years have been re-learning. I also picked up roller skating recently and when I'm not working on art, I'm out practicing! 

When I'm not practicing skating or surfing, I'm usually hanging out and doodling with my husband Wes (who is also an illustrator!) and our weird but adorable little rescue dog, Mika. 

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BFA in Illustration at Academy of Art University 2019


Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition, 2019

Annual Spring Show at Academy of Art University, 2019 




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